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Social Friendz is a full-service influencer marketing agency. We create, develop and manage influencer campaigns that are fully tailored to your goals and target groups. In addition, we represent experienced talents who each have their own way of expressing their creativity on social media. Our mission is to build personal connections with brands and influencers. We do this by responding to niche targeting and by providing customized influencer campaigns. In addition, Social Friendz wants to make influencer marketing more accessible by sharing knowledge, for example through our in-house expertise, our social media channels and blogs.

Using our expertise and network of thousands of influencers, we develop and execute influencer campaigns from start to finish.

With this extra service we join forces with influencers we often work with. Brands can choose to book a creator with a niche audience separately.

We help companies to broaden their knowledge in the field of social media. We look specifically at the brand’s content strategy and provide advice accordingly.

We can manage your social media channels. We have the time, knowledge and capacity to increase the online presence of brands.

We think along with companies to achieve their goals through influencer events.

We’re here for you when it comes to video content. Our video editors and in-house content creators can develop video content formats for various social media channels.

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