What we do

Social Friendz helps brands reach audiences through the power of influencers. Our team, consisting of talent managers, creatives, video editors, social media specialists and content creators, knows the online world in and out. We advise on collaborations with influencers with a guaranteed impact. Based on your business goals, we shape the optimal strategy that fits with your brand. This is possible in combination with our additional services, such as workshops, social media management, events and video productions.

We always look at the goals the brand sets for a campaign. We make results measurable with realistic KPIs, so that they know what to expect.

We value the authenticity and quality of influencers we work with. Not only we pay attention to the match between the influencer and the brand, we also check engagement, demographic insights and reach.

We make sure that you have nothing to look after. After a first meeting, our clients are relieved of questions, to dos and information. We take care of it!

Our priority with both companies and influencers is personal communication. Clients can count on a fixed contact person and fast replies. We do what we promise is one of our most important core values.

Exposure on social media should be accessible to every brand. That is why we make tailor-made campaigns for everyone, big or small, and within every budget.

Influencer campaigns

Influencer campaigns are suitable for reaching your target group online. For every brand there is an influencer match and we always know where to find them. We have our own database, in which thousands of content creators are registered. In this way, we know exactly who is the perfect match with your brand. We develop influencer campaigns from A to Z: from strategy, influencer selection and budget management to campaign monitoring, reporting and day-to-day contact with clients and influencers.

Talent management

Not only we match influencers to brands, we also build an extra special connection with our talents, which we call our ‘Special Friendz’. Our talents are specialized within their own niche and know better than anyone how they can reach their following with content creation and storytelling. We represent diverse talents, so that they can fully focus on the creative part, while we support them on the business side. In addition to influencer campaigns, companies can choose to select one or more talent(s) for a collaboration on social media.

Social workshops

How to make a TikTok video? How to increase your engagement? We know everything about social media and are happy to share that knowledge with your company. We create personalized workshops based on questions and practical examples. We arrange the location, give you tips & tricks and send a manual for internal use afterwards.

Social media management

Experience shows that many companies deal with lack of time, knowledge or capacity to manage their social media channels. We are happy to help you increase your business on social media and that is why we take ‘everything social’ out of your hands. Thanks to our diverse in-house expertise, we know exactly what it takes to make optimal use of the possibilities of various social media channels.

Influencer events

We take care of the entire organization of influencer events. We arrange the location, invite the influencers and ensure that creative content is created. By working with great enthusiasm and creativity, we make every event unique. Influencer events contribute to brand exposure and help to increase relationships with influencers, making them more dedicated to your brand.

Video productions

By combining video productions with influencers, we are ready to take your content creation to the next level. From a TikTok video to an Instagram series, we develop, film, record and edit video productions in various formats.

Let’s collab!

Do you have a question about one of our services or would you like to set up a collaboration? Feel free to reach out to us & say hi!